Media Credibility / BBC or Best Broadcasting Credibility

Despite the quantity of the news with which we are bombarded everyday, it is hard to get the whole truth about all matters we want to know about. There are matters that are considered as state secrets. We can see, for example, heads of states holding press conferences, answering media questions but they will never divulge what has gone behind doors. Journalists can find it difficult to reach the truth of what is going on. However informative and objective they try to be, they can’t report about the inside and outside of everything if they can’t access the information they need without hindrance. But the media isn’t all about politics. There are other aspects they can report about – for example those about society, sport, science etc.
As long as there is no total freedom of the press – as it is the case in many government controlled media- the news become just mere propaganda in which there is no space for free reporting. The media become just a form of bureaucracy in which the journalists have to abide by directives, otherwise they would risk dire consequences.
The other negative aspect of the media is the commercialisation of the news channels in which advertisements and the constant worry to keep a high viewing rate decide the quality and quantity of the news. The news become more an entertaining show than an informative one.
Personally, I trust the BBC for its balanced reporting. It has “hard” means to squeeze information as in its famous program “Hard Talk”. It has renowned reporters who are good at breaking the news without breaking their level of objectivity for which the BBC is known since its creation.

Today some say that there is too much news, as there are too many news channels. Some say that news organisations are owned by commercial companies whose aim is not to give facts but to attract the audience to the news just to show them advertised products. In some channels the news are broken in at least every 10 minutes to present a commercial. Some channels are politically biased especially those owned by governments. They do not present the two sides of the story. There are biased channels whose aim is not to report facts but to interpret them in line with the ideology they represent. The BBC has been the avant-garde in many aspects. It has given a voice to its audience through interactive programmes like Have Your Say editions. The rules for participating are based on expressing opinions without hurting the other side because for example of racial or sexual differences. Its website is one of the richest in the world. The BBC has been trustworthy since its creation and it will surely continue as long as it keeps its strategy to satisfy all tendencies without seeking to attract one at the expense of the other.

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