Sex: Politics & Ethics

Nothing can unite the Israeli and the Palestinians but mutual recognition and cooperation on all side. They have a long shared history with hate and love. Intermarriage can cement the relations between the two people as shared blood can attenuate hatred. But in view of the situation in Isreal and the Palestinian authorities, there is still mutual suspicion about the act of marriage between the two sides . Even the Muslim hardliners don’t like this kind of marriage due to the ancient feud they have with the Jews. The only thing that can eradicate this law is when the Jewish state becomes constitutionally secular. But as Judaism is the basis for Isreal laws, it can be hard to see an end to this act, especially, when there are Palestinian factions threatening to blow up Isreal off the world map and continuously planning attacks.
So this act is more politically than racially motivated. After all Arabs and Jews are Semitic. Only politics make them think and act differently.
Like religion and state that should be set apart, so should love and politics. Even married couples of the same race can have different political views and vote differently. In the case of mixed marriage in Israel, especially, between Palestinians and Israelis, the risk of terrorism shouldn’t be used as an excuse to stand between human relationships. Isreal has enough means to detect woul-be terrorists. On the contrary, lovers on both sides should be allowed to enjoy their passion without obstruction.
So Isreal by standing between genuine lovers from the Palestinians and Israelis sides is building another wall between them. Outlawing such relations is another form of its attempt of disengagement from Palestinian affairs. But people have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Love will make people peaceful. Standing in their relations makes them violent. So the law is groundlessly motivated. It is based on xenophobia and it can have the adverse effect in the long run.
Blog Wednesday, 17 May 2006 12:15

The launching of a political party for allowing child pornography and bestiality is a threat to human values. Children should be trained to be mature adults and not to be exposed to sex when they need education in ethics. If such is allowed, we may in the future hear about preschools preparing children for prostitution at the age of 12. There can be calls for parents to marry their children or legally have sex with them. Children should be protected and not exposed to facts of life until they are old enough to decide for their sexual orientations. They should not be used for the sexual satisfaction of adults.
For bestiality, we may, in the future, hear calls to legalise marriage between humans and animals with the possibility of ceremonies taking place in church.
In short, this prospective party is calling for an all-out anarchy where there can be no notion or separation of right and wrong. Are the Dutch heading for a new brave world if the ideas of this party take a firm hold on their society?
Wednesday, 31 May 2006 13:53

The US was founded on religious basis. There are incidences in which morality was a big issue, especially during the Prohibition era. Many presidential campaigns were based on the return to moral values. Bush is trying to establish moral values that are likely to be supported by the Right, which has been at odd with the liberals on many issues like abortion. So Pt Bush opposition to gay marriage is an attempt to revive conservative attitudes that seem to be eroding under the spread of liberal ones.
But even banning gay marriage can’t stop open gay relationship, especially, among influential stars who can set the example for gay rights. Gays still can have free relationship like heterosexuals who live together. But gay marriage practice is the natural consequence of the freedom enjoyed by gays so far. To ban homosexuality, which has led to gay marriage in some American states, is like trying to turn the clock back – before the birth of Pt Bush when gays couldn’t go public. It remains to see how convincing George Bush will be to win public and congressional support on this issue.
Tuesday, 06 June 2006 15:27

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