Apologising for Slavery

Apologising for slavery should be in deeds not in words. The best compensation slave descendants can get is that they should no longer be portrayed in a racist way. Many blacks around the world suffer disfavour. Blacks were either the victims of slavery or colonisation. Now they are the victims to a large extent from mismanagement by their government after independence and racism in Europe, particularly. Making such adjustments can an effective apology, in that human brotherhood transcends colour, culture and political borders.

But we mustn’t forget neo-slavery. Women are exploited in brothels after being lured in sex trade. Illegal immigrants are forced to do jobs in abject conditions for a low pay, without having their rights guaranteed.

As we look back to draw lessons from enslaving blacks in the past with its inhuman consequences, we should not let modern types of slavery thrive and wait for a century to apologise for it.
22/06/2006 17:19

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