Child Sex Abuse

Belgium has many times been in the news for the record of crimes in which children were the victims. Some public figures were scandalised because of their paedophilia. Children were kidnapped by apparently psychologically unstable paedophiles, raped and killed. There were cases of paedophilia within some churches. Some child criminals remain out the reach of justice until found after committing horrendous crimes.

Concerning paedophilia, it remains difficult to protect children as some are victimised by their family members and even their parents. In some conservative societies, paedophilia happens but remains covered-up. Parents can’t report the abusers of their children for fear of scandal in their surrounding. The child doesn’t receive any psychological counselling This distorts their psychological make-up.
Children should be taught to know how to protect themselves and not to be easygoing, especially; with strangers however good they look.

19/06/2006 16:19

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