Troop Withdawal from Iraq?

US troops’ withdrawal from Iraq must be linked to the level of full political stability, the weakening of insurgence and the geopolitical situation in the region. The US can link its withdrawal with its relations with Iran concerning the nuclear issue. If the US leaves Iraq without settling this issue, Iran will try to weaken the Iraqi government by interfering in its policy by supporting the insurgents, thus creating an atmosphere of war worse than the current security situation in Iraq now.

Even US and British troops’ withdrawal from Iraq will be replaced by continuous supervision of the Iraqi army through US & UK military advisers who will continue to train the Iraqi army and to offer military strategic assistance to deal with internal and external security threats. The US in particular will keep a close eye on the functioning of the Iraqi government so it won’t ally with hostile regimes in the region like Iran. It will need to keep a check on Iraq armament so it won’t deviate from the international standards.

So the only benefit from the withdrawal will be for the soldiers in constant risk of kidnapping, injuries and death. Public outcry at home will diminish and the Iraq card won’t be loosely used in political debates and elections. The focus will be on internal matters. For the Pentagon and the American Administration in general, the work will continue to secure stability in Iraq and to have pro-American government in place.
22/06/2006 15:50

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