Kidnapping from Isreal and incursion in Gaza

The abduction of Israeli soldier Cpl Gilad Shalit was just a trigger to restart armed animosity between Isreal and radical factions in the Palestinian territories.

There are two facts to draw from Israeli incursion in Gaza. The first is that the military mission is a reminder of the film “Saving Private Ryan” in which soldiers had to do their outmost to save Ryan even if that operation ended in the death of some in the rescue team. Politically, the case is a reminder that the Israeli politicians and the Palestinian radicals are so intransigent that any peaceful compromise is seen by each as a surrender or defeat.

Amidst this high profile tension, Hamas has reiterated its refusal to recognise Isreal. So as previously mentioned the abduction of Israeli soldier Cpl Gilad Shalit is just a pretext to settle issues that are for them a matter of life of death.

The questions is whether the generations of both Israelis and Palestinians -grown to hate and fight one another sometime savagely, another in a chivalry fashion- can accept permanent peace without yearning for the days in which some armed operations were more a sport than an act of defence.

The Palestinians’ and Israelis’ existence is so intertwined, at present with memories of blood and with continuous suspicion. Maybe one day -as France and Germany buried their hatchets after decades of open hostilities to become exemplary neighbours, the Israelis and the Palestinians will wake up to find the dividing wall and the checkpoints having disappeared for good.
29/06/2006 02:33

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