Israeli Soldier Kidnapping from Borders, Intransigence & Honour

The Israeli army must have felt humiliated by the infiltration of Palestinian fighters into its military base, escaping from it after killing two soldiers and kidnapping another. This can put in question their level of vigilance. But politically, both the Israeli and the Palestinians should be pragmatic. The fight should not go on for the sake of a soldier. It should be stopped for the sake of peace. Otherwise, more causalities are to be expected on both sides through attacks and suicide attacks.

Taking the tone of both Hamas and Israeli officials, it seems unlikely the situation will calm down. Hamas refusing to recognise Israel is diplomatically having its back to the wall through the sanctions of the some Quartet members –US & EU – the main aid donors. Hamas has then only the card of continuous struggle to make its presence felt internationally and to keep its credibility among the voters who brought it to government- a government that officiated in paper, which has more link with the media than with influential governments.

As the situation stands, there are two antagonists set to use all means risk everything to defend their principles in a world standing as a witness at worst and coming up with advice for both sides at best .

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