Resisting Deportation in France

A show of solidarity is needed in all cases. Deporting parents with their children means family disintegration if the children are allowed to stay. Parents returning to their home countries will join the army of the unemployed. Children when joining their parents will have difficulty to adapt in their new schools, especially when it comes to language. A child of Moroccan origin who is 10 years old can’t adapt in a school where, say, Arabic is the main language.

Immigration should be seen from a human aspect. There were success stories in France when a Moroccan mother who had the full support of associations in France to defend the right of immigrants. She was finally allowed to stay after receiving an ultimatum.

France has the problem of child birth. The children of the immigrants can solve this problem. They can stick to their origins through their parents. The French authorities should create good climate for them to assimilate the French culture.

Brandishing an anti-immigration law against any apparently illegal immigrant can go against the French revolutionary principle which is summarized in equality, fraternity & solidarity.

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