Child Murder, Crime & Punishment

Children are the joy of life. The sight of a young child raises love and the instinctive drive to protect, not to abuse or kill them. Any sensible person, especially, adults and parents see all the children as their children. Even social animals of the same kind endeavour to protect one another. Monkeys, elephants and the like constitute a community where offspring enjoy protection. Even the most peaceful female mother in the animal kingdom becomes ferocious when one of its young is in danger. So let’s imagine the mental condition of parents and relatives deprived inhumanely from a child who can be the reason for their existence.

For the case of the two Belgian girls, any paedophile or child murderer should receive the most severe punishment, including capital punishment. Depriving a child of a normal life in case of paedophilia and of life altogether should be met with equal punishment. Human rights should be enjoyed by people having human qualities. But those who are less than animals should be kept out of society by reclusive imprisonment or by death.

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