Putin Interview, From engaged Communist to Committed Liberal

Mr Putin during his interview on BBC Haveyoursay has portrayed himself as an assuring president. He sounds like a president most of the world can do business with. He is one of the rare Russian presidents who have succeeded in keeping credibility at home and abroad. His stand on international issues like N.Korea shows that Russia has now become a country seeking international stability. It no longer seeks to use small states like Cuba as it did during the communist era to exercise pressure on the USA in carrying its foreign policy.
His openness on the media is spectacular. Now Russia becoming a liberal country there is no surprise to see Putin addressing world audience in a popular, charismatic and politically calculated manner.

His answering world audience questions is another form of the democratic side of Russia. Thanks to Haveyoursay, the commoners had the chance to have their questions answered directly and openly from a President who was once a member of the secretive and closed KJB.

His interview, to make a parallel, is a reminder of a speech exchange between former American President Reagan who addressed the people of the Soviet Union and former Soviet reformist President Gorbatchev who addressed US people. That was the start of real openness of Russia on the West. Now Russia has become fully a western country.
10/07/2006 19:05

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