World Cup, Glory and Tragedy /Past & perspective

Zinedine Zidane wouldn’t have resorted to headbutt if he hadn’t been provoked. His getting a red card was a double loss for France. The favourite player ended his football career “tragically”, in that he had to leave to stadium without being able to finish his career as he had planned. The second loss the defeat of France, which must have added more pain to him. But a single moment should not be allowed to ruin all that he has built so far. If he lost with his team the World Cup, at least he won for himself and France the honour of being the best football player in the 2006 World Cup.

But it will be better to see the world Cup for memory and as a repetitive event with different colours for countries hosting it, players being the wizards that sway the crowds and the crowds without whom the players won’t conjure up the demons in them.

As a memory, The World Cup was a continuous moment of expectations, joy and disappointment. The suspense felt during the matches was real and deep. There were moments of shock and surprise. The most memorable is the defeat of favourite Brazil and the qualification of France, which was disappointing at first, for the final match. But the crowds and the spectators made the World Cup an enjoyable moment as it was touching to see people from different countries and races united by the thrill of the game. Germany, the host country, made that possible through good organisation. Congratulations to winner Italy.

For the future, The 2006 World Cup organisation in Germany is a message to South Africa which will host it in 2010. It will have to be level with past organisations in Europe. The reputation of African football as a world event is in its hand. It should not put to shame Africa, struggling to have a place on the world stage. If Africans can do it well by good organisation, they can learn from sport how to organise their economic, political and social life. All is about collective spirit for good goals. They can have the golden goal if they – as a team- know how to target their goal with full precision.

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