Zidane Reacting to Insult, Temper Loss and Wisdom

Zindine Zidane should have shown more restraint in a match of paramount importance to his career and to his country following Materazzi’s insult . He may have insulted him to provoke him and to affect his concentration and performance. But Zidane should have learnt from his history of violent behaviour on the pitch. Probably many French would think that if he had kept his calm, France would have won the World Cup. He should have reported him after the match as it was televised and there are lip readers to prove Materazzi insult.

There was an incident in a friendly soccer match between Morocco and France. French goalkeepers Fabien Barthez spat on the face of the Moroccan referee. But he kept his calm and resorted to legal action against him.

In general, there are incidents of scuffle and violent behaviour in sport and politics. Many matches are disrupted because of violence. In some parliaments, there are incidents of chair throwing, slapping and fist punching.

For Zidane, it must have been tragic for him to end his career with a send-off. He wasn’t allowed to stay on the pitch until the end of the match. But he will stay in football history as one of the players who marked modern football. He gas fallen momentarily. But he can rise to glory again. Diego Maradona is a good example of players full of controversy. But he has succeeded in keeping a good place among football fans.

He can find his consolation in being elected as the best player in 2006 World Cup Tournament. In a way, he got credit. The incident of the headbutt- causes and consequences- should remain a bygone incident.

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