Capture: Resistance and Revenge

Hezbollah fighters (picture on the left)
Israeli soldiers in Southern Lebanon

The capture of Israeli soldiers from its southern and northern borders means that factions opposed to Israel in the region are coordinating their method of resistance. Whether it is a coincidence or a planned action, the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers will heighten tension in the region. Hamas government is apparently controlled by its military wing. The Lebanese government has no control over Hezbollah. Israel is apparently fighting militias, which governments from their countries have no control over them but they are controlled by other countries, mainly, Iran and Syria.

If the worst comes to the worst Israel will be obliged to hit targets in Syria to put pressure on it to put pressure on Hamas and Hezbollah to free the soldiers. These militias know in advance they have little to gain from their actions apart from publicity as a strike from them is met by loads of strikes from Israel.

Perhaps great mediators who have credibility among all sides should step in to solve the problem before skirmishes, limited bombardment turns into an all out war, involving Syria, Iran and insurgents from Iraq. Otherwise we will be in the Middle-East revisited prior to Oslo accord with constant Intifada, suicide attacks and strident measures from Israel in the name of legitimate defence

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