Polish Immigrants in UK

Poland is known in history as the country that was the cause of the start of WWII after its invasion by Hitler’s forces. That was in the first half of the twentieth century. In the second half, the trade union movement in the 80’s and the rise of Polish John Paul as the First non Italian Pope gave it more importance in the communist bloc.

Polish migrants in Europe, especially in Britain enjoyed the freedom their compatriots started to enjoy only 15 years ago after the fall of the Soviet Union and hence the fall of communist states from Europe altogether. Western Europe was freed from the Nazis thanks to coalition forces. Eastern Europe was freed from communism thanks to the support of free Western Europe although this took almost half a century to materialise.

The polish at home or in UK can have the same share of freedom but the economic divide is still there. Perhaps the EU, of which Poland is now a member, can bridge the gap.

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