Prospects of Ending Israel-Hezbollah Conflict

It is ironical that the international community, including US stood watching destructive attacks taking place without intervening in the right time. Now after the damages and reciprocal accusations, it seems the conflicting parties will seek diplomatic victory, showing the other side to be the aggressor. As calls from UN, Arab League, EU failed to stop the bloodshed, the US mission in the Middle East will be met with deaf ears as Israel and Hezbollah are trying to make their points their way.
There can be a lull, but the one that precedes the storm. As Hezbollah and Israel are set to make each other’s life a hell, the borders between Lebanon and Israel will remain a mine of potential major conflict as it is happening theses days or just the scene of frequent skirmishes as a provocation for an all out conflict. As usual those who decide remain immune from the consequences of this conflict. Only innocent people who are made to pay for this with their belongings, livelihood or lives.

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