The War in Lebanon, Actors and Spectators

As Israel is setting the agenda for its military action in Lebanon, ironically to pave the way for an international force after the fight is over, it seems Israel is dictating to the world what should be done. It should wait for the go-ahead from it. So diplomacy under any form is a waste or time. The international community is doing the talking under different forms, sometimes soft, another time tough, while Israel is doing the toughest actions under the eyes of an indignant but passive world.

Hezbollah seems hardened by the effect of the strikes and having its morale lifted through the support it gets inside Lebanon and from some governments and people alike. It must feel that it is remaking history through armed resistance, which , for it, Arab governments in the region have failed to do. It tries to put them to shame by indirectly waging propaganda against them as most of them are US allies and some of them have diplomatic ties with Israel.

Hezbollah must have the rare chance of being under the spotlight internationally. Now it is the subject of talks in every circle. Without such a fight, it could have remained in the dark, known just through its TV channel Al Manar.

Both Israel and Hezbollah try to capitalize on this event. But they don’t seem to have calculated its cost for the present and the future.

Now having the pictures filled with smokes from small and big guns and tumultuous voices from the actors in the scene, the spectators and the critics, the whole action is confusing, making understanding and deduction hard to reach about a scenario that daily needs re-planning.

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