Is BBC anti-Israel?

The Jerusalem Post has accused the BBC of being anti-Israel. But The BBC should be accountable for reports made by its correspondents. There is an editorial board that works to broadcast balanced news and views. The fact that BBC is allowed to work both in Israel and Lebanon, carrying interviews from the makers and the shakers of the events taking place there shows well it has credibility on both sides.
But there are instances of live programmes like Haveyoursay in which speakers chosen from both sides air their views. There are speakers who are eloquent enough and well informed. They come up with convincing arguments. Others give shallow arguments.

Perhaps some want the BBC to record the programmes and to exercise self-censorship as it is done in some channels where the programmes are government oriented – as live ones can sound embarrassing.

The BBC has a history of ups and downs with Israel. An example of that was its documentary some years ago on Ariel Sharon’s implication in the massacre of Sabra and Shatila.

Let’s not forget its having been banned from Zimbabwe just because of reporting the truth and its being British. Reason enough for Zimbabwe government to expel it because Britain worked to expel it from the Commonwealth, following its farming policy.

As Israel has sophisticated weapons to wage war in Lebanon, it should use sophisticated media to wage media war for its account.

The BBC is an independent organisation. It is financed by the British government but not controlled by it. It has many times stood up to its attempt to censor it. Two examples, its documentary about the IRA more than twenty years ago and its documentary about Iraq alleged possession of mass destructive weapons about two years ago.

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