Children and War

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When there is a war – as it is happening in Lebanon , children arte the most hit. They ‎are too young to cope with the trauma resulting from their ordeals. Some see their ‎parents dying, they see parts of blown up human bodies. This must have a tremendous ‎effect on their lives at present and in the future. By exposing children to such ‎atrocities without counselling or by educating them not to get involved in violence, ‎we simply prepare a generation full of hatred, seeking revenge for the loss of their ‎loved ones and a normal childhood.‎

In Lebanon, Hezbollah is training young children militarily. This kind of children, in ‎view of the tension in the region, can find it difficult to adjust to civilian life. They are ‎easy to brainwash, ready for attacks and suicide attacks. When grown up, filled with ‎religious and political dogma, they can be a threat to Lebanon itself, seeking to have ‎modern ways of life. ‎

In view of the religious mosaic of Lebanese society, they can be the instigators of a ‎civil war by refusing to live and let live – and by refusing to become part of the ‎mainstream, politically, militarily and socially.‎
The issue of arming children should have its fair share in today’s debate.‎

The children in BBC Haveyoursay programme were impressive. In addition to their ‎innocence, they were expressive of hope for peace. They sounded patriotic. But ‎unfortunately in their speech lies the stiffness that characterizes the adults hardliners ‎in their countries. They all stood for what their leaders were doing. ‎

But the final note in the conversation gave hope for optimism. The children said good ‎bye to one another hoping to talk another time, but not about war.‎

If children in all parts of the world were protected from the evils of politics, they ‎could build a solid bridge between them. Unfortunately adults leave their legacy in ‎their children. The parents of the children who were guests of the programme must ‎have been children or still unborn when the Middle East conflict erupted. Parents ‎should work not to let their children inherit ideologies that were born in different ‎circumstances. Children should live their life in peace.‎

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