Foiled Terror Attempt in the Air

The foiled attempt to blow up planes in the air shows that terrorist attempts have their ‎security measures match. These terrorists aim at causing the biggest scare around the ‎world and fuelling violence and giving their masters and followers what to cheer ‎about. They try to exploit any event like the war in Lebanon to give justification for ‎their deadly deed.‎

Planes are their targets. This is symbolic. They want to make travelling scary and ‎contact between people difficult. As they embrace an ideology based on narrow-‎minded dogma that sees liberal beliefs as heresy, they seek to make the world a hell ‎where free movement is taunted with danger. ‎

The terrorists are disastrously intelligent in the way they devise means to carry their ‎attacks. Security measures should be in advance of their attempts. The vigilant ‎securities measures have foiled many of them, although they had some “success” like ‎July 7 London bombing. But maximum alert should be kept to thwart their attempts. ‎The world should remain free, free as the air. Its air should not be hovered over by ‎terrorist crows and vultures. ‎
‎10/08/2006 17:32‎

As UK and USA are twin in foreign policy, sometimes standing alone on world stage ‎as it is the case of their policy in Iraq, both have to work jointly in fighting terrorism ‎at the national and international level. For terrorists, hitting UK or USA is the same ‎for them as Pt Bush and PM Blair frequently use the same diplomatic language when ‎talking about international crises, which terrorists use as a pretext to carry their deadly ‎attacks.‎

The world can differ with USA and UK about some political matters. But everyone ‎should unite to fight a common threat. If terrorists can’t make it in areas where ‎security measures are high, they can select trouble areas to swell the number of their ‎recruits, waiting for the opportune time to hit, wherever. ‎

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