Image of Muslims Following Foiled Terror Plot in UK

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Following the foiled attempts in UK to blow up planes in the air the Muslim communities in UK seem to be facing new threats as some of its members are seen to be behind such an attempt.
The terrorist attacks taking place around the world, especially in the 21st century have ‎been attributed to radical Muslims. These attacks reached wide proportion because ‎they targeted western countries like USA, UK and Spain. Some see Islam as the new ‎threat facing the globe after the fall of communism and the end of the Cold War.

In the mind of many, Islam is the source of terrorism or Muslims can’t live in peace. ‎They can justify this by the terrorist attacks of big magnitude that have taken place in ‎the West, by the sectarian violence in Iraq, by the fiery speeches of Iranian leaders ‎about Israel, by the threatening messages of Bin Laden and Azawhiri on Al Jazeera ‎TV. There are sections in Muslim societies or communities which condone and ‎support such acts.‎

Some fanatic religious leaders exploit the ignorance of their followers by instilling in ‎them hatred and contempt for other religious beliefs.‎

War and terror are the worst means to find solutions to political problems. It doesn’t make sense to use terror to make a point as it doesn’t make sense to kill John because Paul killed James. If terrorists think they’re doing justice to Islam by killing innocent people they’re wrong.

They are a threat to modern civilisation in which dialogue and democracy should prevail. Some Muslims are wrong in thinking the West is the source of their problems. Their inability to agree on a common policy or agree to disagree – as it is the case in Iraq – that makes them spell their anger on their fellow Muslims or on those they consider as infidel.

But let’s not forget that the majority of Muslims are for peace. The proof is that members of the Muslim communities in UK that tipped the British police about the plot. They aspire for ‎progress. In the West it is false to put the blame on any member of the Muslim ‎communities because of the fanaticism of the very few, who resort to terrorism under influence or by the desire to impose themselves on society because they failed to do following the norms. In the USA, the Mafia is directed essentially by criminals of Italian ‎origin. But this doesn’t mean all Italians should be seen as linked to it. ‎

Moderate Muslim societies and communities have the right to practice their religion ‎in appropriate manners and peace. The world should stand by them. Stereotyping them as ‎terrorists is paradoxically practising terrorism on them as anyone can’t trust them or ‎seek to have any relationship with them.‎

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