Forgotten Conflicts and Media Focus

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There is the old saying that good news is no news. The events that attract more ‎attention are those that are about deep troubles or crises. Good news can be a one-day ‎event without follow-up. So do areas of little international importance where the war are waging have become forgotten like DR Congo. ‎

There are some parts of the world that are almost daily in the news because of their ‎impact on international affairs as they draw public interest as well as the involvement ‎of international leaders . Iraq has been prominently in the news since 1991. There ‎isn’t a single day in which we don’t have a report of violent deaths and destruction. ‎

But in general people get more interested in local and regional news. International ‎news can become of second importance if they are about a distant country. Daily news ‎in general has to do with age group and personal interests. Economic news attracts ‎less attention than political news except when there is a major stock market crash.‎

The Middle East has been at the focus of international news because it is a volatile ‎region. The most notable countries are Israel, Iraq and Iran‎
But for other countries as in Africa, they are rarely in the headlines on daily basis ‎despite the cases of refugees, diseases, famine and civil wars. Perhaps their cases ‎don’t look newsworthy as they don’t have a great international impact.‎

Whatever focus news media give to a topic, the public decide what to follow or ‎simply change for entertainment news without caring deeply about what is going on in ‎troubled areas around the world.‎

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