Baby Boomers Turn 60

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The US baby boomers witnessed and forced changes in their society. That era was marked by sex, drug and rock n’ roll. America had, to a large extent, been shaped by the forceful ideas of the sixties.

But age must have brought up changes in the attitude of these baby boomers. Those who are now in power have different views as they are faced with the reality of the world. Pt Bush who in his youth was alcoholic and maybe drug addict has changed side and become one of the ferocious advocate of conservatism, ready to wage wars for US interests.
Many of the BB are parents or grand parents struggling to perpetuate family values according to their views after being conservative in their youths was considered as reactionary. Their impact is still felt as a lesson to all.

In many third world countries, there was a baby boom. Their concern was to reduce birth rate. But these baby boomers didn’t have a great effect on the course of things. The majority of them were illiterate, under political systems struggling for survival or putting the basis for a modern state following independence. So we can talk just about the achievements of baby boomers in the developed countries where these babies boomers were fighting for their rights and the right of others like blacks in the US, because in their countries they had freedom of expression.

The current generations are faced with a new reality. They inherited much from BB. But the age of new technology and their incessant aspirations for a better life economically, culturally and socially will be assessed in what the world would look like in view of the spiral changes on all levels.

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