Kidnapping for Money & Statement

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Kidnapping is a form of terrorism. The reasons for kidnapping are many. They can be for some political organisations a means to get publicity or it can be for spreading fear or simply to get ransom.

Kidnapping has become a business in some countries like Brazil where people are kidnapped for money. But there were famous case of kidnapping ending in murder like the late Italian Prime Minister Al Do Moro who was kidnapped and later found dead on the street in Rome. Lebanon, during the civil war as notorious for kidnapping westerners by political organisation as a pressure on their countries to comply with their political demands.

There have been different cases of kidnapping of all sorts. There was the kidnapping of UN keeping soldiers in Ivory Coast, the kidnapping of tourists in Algeria and yemen, the kidnapping of journalists, just to give some examples.

At present Iraq has become one the most notorious places for kidnapping. None is excluded. There was the kidnapping of diplomats, businessmen, policemen, workers of Iraqi or foreign nationalities.

But dealing with kidnappers should be done carefully to save the life of the kidnapped and not to yield to their demands, especially when it is about ransom.

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