Child trafficking

The main causes of child trafficking are poverty in their country of origin and family disintegration. Such children are sold by their parents, kidnapped or lured to take a journey for a better life. The problem doesn’t lie just in host countries alone. Countries of origin should have the mean to protect its young population from the delinquencies. Education centres should be setup to save those trapped. As long as children are available for trafficking, a dissolved network engaged in such an activity will be replaced by another. The solution is not legislating laws, but finding concrete means wherever these children happen to be to stop them from being trafficked around.

Smuggling adults or post-teenagers seeking work can be less embarrassing; in that, these people seek work. Their existence can raise political debates. But child trafficking raises moral issues. Accepting this on European soil is simply accepting human rights violations in a more abject manner.
Illegal immigrants can have a legalised situation through time. But it remains unimaginable to make child prostitution legal in any country.

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