Death of the President

I have recently watched an old film titled “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in which Clint Eastwood plays the role of the good guy and Eli Wallach plays the role of the bad guy who changes names not to be caught. When caught he comes close to death by hanging, but there is always the good guy who comes to his rescue. Although the bad guy is a really bad guy he succeeds in earning sympathy because he is not that very bad.

Talking about a film speculating the death of George Bush, we can say that Mr Bush can be a bad president for some but as a person he is adorable. He is after all a good American citizen who wants all the good for his country. Simply he can’t get his message across some boards or his foreign policy in some areas of the world is still confusing, raising controversies.
George Bush has a lot of enemies inside and outside the USA. It is certain that his enemies in the USA want to kill just his policy. Outside, there are those who want to see him physically dead.

George Bush is an adorable person. After seeing the film we should thank God that the film was just a nightmare. But Mr Bush is kicking and alive enjoying his retreat in his Texas Ranch or making a speech hypnotising his audience with his cunning smiles, just as Tuco does to do his deeds.

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