Divorce & Child Custody

The worst moment a child living with adorable parents can face is when they get separated or divorced. This means a split in his life as he can’t see them altogether in the same house. To have a normal life a child needs a mother and a father by his side from whom he can enjoy protection, learn how to cope later in life.
Normal parents remain attached to their children under any circumstances. They are part of themselves and they do their utmost for their happiness. In the majority of countries the custody of the child is given to the mother, unless she is unfit to mother her children because of her neglect or infamous behaviour.

A child can choose in case of divorce or separation which parent to live with if one is bad, giving him justification and easy choice. But when the parents are normal and affectionate, the child will always have an emotional lacuna. The other problem for the parent not having the custody of the children is that when they grow up they will have more attachment to the one who brought them up, thus adding to a sense of failure.

Divorce and child custody have always been a difficult legal procedure. Children can be spared a lot of trouble if they are lucky to be born to parents who are capable of living together through good times and bad times till death do them part.

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