Gay Rights & Community Views

Sexual freedom has always been a burning issue in many countries. Even heterosexual sex outside marriage is banned in many societies. It can lead to death sentence or killing for family honour.

It can be accepted to see a man and a woman engaging in sexual relationship through marriage or commitment. But it can be hard in some societies to tolerate gay relationship when they are still governed by religious laws that prohibit this.

The rejection of gay relationships in many societies has to do with the concept of manhood. A man should be an active sexual partner. To be so he should sexually engage with a woman. Not being heterosexual implies failing to be man enough to attract women. It is extremely rare to see gays held in esteem in societies where traditions are still predominant, whether these are in Africa or Asia. Accepting gay relationships or marriage can be a threat to their religious values, as this implies a fundamental change in the social fabric. There is the fear of the spread of gay culture through music, literature, press that can alter the conservative views of sex and personal conduct.

In the West, it is possible to tolerate gays where there are laws against discrimination. Gays are open about their sexual orientations without inhibition. Turning the clock back, in Hollywood no star could publicly show being gay. Even actresses couldn’t show their pregnancies outside marriage. Now stars, politicians, writers etc, come forward and declare who they are without fear of prosecution or job loss. But in conservative societies homosexuality is practised in secret for fear of violent reaction from the surrounding. The lesser trouble homosexuals can face in such societies is isolation. At worst, they can be jailed or even sentenced to death.

As some have an inane tendency to be gay, it’s better for them to keep their practice secret instead of clamouring for their rights by holding public meetings in an environment where even talking about sex or introducing sex education are still taboo. It’s better to move to countries where they can enjoy their practices instead of remaining in confrontation with values that are hard to change or which admit that you can do it, but don’t tell anyone about it.

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