PM Blair Announcing Departure

Prime Minister Blair has acted wisely by being definitive about the date of his departure . The internal feud or division within the Labour party will be diffused. Those aspiring for the post of PM will have to start their campaign after his official announcement, which he made in a school, perhaps to teach his political opponents a lesson on political shrewdness.

It is good for Blair to be decided about his political future, in that he can spend the remaining period putting things in order for his successor, for his party and above all for UK. Internationally, political leaders will know what alliance to have with Britain, especially George Bush, who may have the challenging task of persuading the future PM to be on his side in foreign policies.

The Labour Party itself will need to find a successor who is able to secure its popularity for a new win in the coming general elections. If it remains divided on who should succeed Tony Blair, impairing its image, it may lose the rare chance it has had of staying in power. The Labour Party should remember it was division within the Conservative Party after the departure of former PM Margaret Thatcher that has allowed it to remain in power on and on.

Maybe, if the Labour Party can’t come up with a conniving policy, national and international, it will say goodbye to power as Tony Blair is ready to say goodbye to being its leader.

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