Banning Women From Praying

Religious practices in Saudi Arabia are among the most stringent in the Muslim world. Too much conservatism at home that make Saudi males go wild when outside their country, where even being strolling in the street at the time of prayer is considered as an offence. So at this time a Muslim should stay at home or should be seen performing prayers.
Concerning the proposal to ban women from praying at key site in Mecca is groundless. This strange proposal is a reminder of cases in some primitive tribes where a woman isn’t allowed to worship God. She should worship her husband, who the only one can worship God directly. Overcrowding should not be used as an excuse if statistically men outnumber women at these key sites. As there is a quota for people allowed to perform al Hajj rituals, it should be the same for people allowed to pray in such places.

The Saudi authorities have already imposed restrictions on women under 40 to perform the annual rituals of Al Hajj and Omra.
The Saudi find it easy to impose any laws on women because they are powerless and the males want to keep their grasp over the women in every movement they make.
The Saudi authorities should be clear about their measures. It should tell the world the reason behind banning women from praying in key sites is to avoid dating between men and women in holy places or physical contact during jostling.

If restrictions continue to be implemented, one day women from the entire world won’t be able to have access to holy sites, so men can pray at ease without being tempted by Satan to go after a woman instead of looking straight in the direction of al Qaaba.

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