Remembering 9/11

The 9/11 attacks triggered a chain of events that mistakenly portrayed Islam as the source of future instability and destruction in the West. Muslim nationals become suspect at key points like airports because of terrorist organisations that in majority represent themselves and who have succeeded in attracting supporters inside and outside Western countries. War on terrorism seems to have taken precedence over other wars like war on poverty and ignorance that are the root of all evils.

9/11 attacks was an opportunity for the US to know who was with it or against it. They also gave the US free hand to try to shape the political map of the world, especially in the Middle East where issues were shelved like the setting up of a Plalestinian State and others were hurriedly dealt with like regime change in Iraq where terrorists are roaming the country freely in defiance of the imposing presence of the US forces.

The USA in combating terrorism should improve its image in the Muslim world by working to quickly diffuse such complex situations as in the Middle East, which is usually used as a pretext for anti-Americanism.

At present the seed of terrorism is everywhere. There are many people who are desperate because of the political situation of their countries or who have a different vision of the world according to their religious beliefs. For them tolerance is the perpetuation of what they consider as evil.

Terrorism has reached globalisation. Terrorist networks work worldwide. In countries like Pakistan or Iraq there are stories of killing or arresting key terrorists. Arresting or killing a key member is just an opportunity to give rise to a new terrorist leader. In essence, the war is going to be as long as there are political problems seen from a religious point of view and failures to foster tolerance among ordinary people who are usually easy targets to influence and in case of attacks are the first to fall victims.

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