Missed Chilhood

Today many children live in an age where things are going fast, making them miss their childhood . Throughout their childhood they are faced with constant changes in technological field which devises tools to presumably make them happy. These tools are in most parts electronic aiming at developing their intelligence. So children spend their time trying to adapt to these gadgets. The more gadgets they get, the more they want. This means, unlike the old days, children don’t spend their time playing in the open of their neighbourhood, but they are kept “locked” in their homes watching TV, using the computer and so on.

There is also pressure on them to be good achievers. In some Asian countries, like South Korea or Singapore, children are overworked by their parents to be well educated. They spend most of their time at school. After school they have extra hours to improve their educational level. To draw a parallel, children in the past were forced to do physical work to help their families. Now they are forced to do extra mental work to help themselves later in life.

In a sense, the open space or playground is no longer a part of their experience. Even physical activities are programmed for them in fitness centres.

In UK, for example, girls, in particular, are faced with premature adulthood. Many teenage girls, still at school, are mothers. This is the result of sexual freedom and ignorance of the proper sexual practices. So they have to cope with the task of studies and motherhood

Many people of the old generations have good memory of their childhood. They had enough free time after their studies. They would devise games in the open, needing physical skills and not a substantial budget. Neighbours were sociable and this made it possible for children in the neighbourhood to know and play with one another. They felt safe. Now the majority of children are kept under constant guard literally and metaphorically. They get too many warnings about their safety and the troubles awaiting them if they aren’t good achievers, which makes them have the worries of adults or turn into careless about what might happen.

As one is never too old to learn, children should be left to live normal childhood. There is life in front of them to learn other things they can’t get from formal education.

Generally speaking, due to economic competition worldwide, children are seen as the future capital of their countries that should be invested to the maximum so that they will yield the maximum in adulthood. But children aren’t machines. They are biological entities. When the engine of a machine doesn’t work because of excessive exploitation it can be repaired by substituting the damaged part. But when the psyche of a child is damaged by uncalculated exposure, it damages the personality of that child of whom we want to make the most. One can find the means to acquire a lost object. But a lost part of one’s life is hard to retrieve.

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