Should the boss become Big Brother?

The relation between the employer and the employee should be based on trust and self-respect. It shouldn’t reach the point when the employee is almost like a slave to his employer. This has the right to check on his employees at work and to reward them for their dedication. But the employee out of work has the right to live his life fully without continuing to have his employer at the back of his mind, following him even in places of intimacy like the bedroom.

The employer shouldn’t become a policeman, installing detectors wherever his employees make a move.

People work to make a living, but not to the extent of biting their lips when their employers show up in places he, for example, considers as indecent and thus the employee will have to account for his behaviour like a child caught in the act by a tutor.
As religion, race, sexual orientation or marital status are banned forms of discrimination that can stand of one’s chances to get a job, and as the state itself doesn’t have the right to interfere in people’s privacy, the same applies to employers who shouldn’t allow themselves to consider their place of work as their empire and their employees as their subjects.

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