Political Lies

It is commonplace that politicians tell half the truth to keep their positions. They try to embellish their decisions and achievement although they are unpopular. In many countries election results are contested because of irregularities during campaigns and voting. Even in developed countries there are election scandals like illegal funding of campaigns. The case of Helmut Colt in Germany is still in mind.

In politics, the end justifies the means. For a party it can resort to spying on other parties as it was in Watergate or they can lure candidates from other parties to join them.

The Hungarian PM was bold enough to admit that he had lied. Many governments are in power because of the continuous lies they use to keep their grip on power. They all have the Machiavellian mentality, which say that you should nail your enemies before they nail you.

We all lie from time to time. There are lies and lies. White lies are benign. They aren’t meant to give a black eye. Many governments lie through their broken promises. In politics, any small lie counts. You can lie to your rivals. But the people should be told the truth about anything of paramount concern to them. Then they have the right to wage protest, show solidarity or fall into the silent majority.

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