Fuelling Terror

The American values have been criticised by Islamists as a threat to theirs. Now the US presence in Iraq has fuelled hatred to the US. The US presence in Muslim countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, which are under its occupation, has fuelled terror and hatred to the US. There are other Jihadists who are against US military bases in Muslim countries like Qatar.Other incidents like the scandals of Abu Gharib prison indecent torture of Iraqi prisoners and the controversial setup of Guantanamo prison where alleged terrorists are held, some of whom committed suicide portray the US as an aggressor after human dignity .

Iraq is viewed by extremist Islamists as the first step for wide range and direct involvement of the US in Muslim countries, dictating to them under the threat of sanction the government style they should have. Iraq remains a battleground against the US as Afghanistan was a training ground for terrorists who succeeded in carrying 9/11 attacks and others in many parts of the world. For Jihadists from all over the world, the US interests and those of its allies remain their target.

Terrorism will increase as long as there are diametrical differences between US policy in the Muslim world and the views of Jihadists who have enough means to spread their terror. Terrorism can’t be rooted out overnight as long a captured or a killed terrorist is easily replaced by another. Jihadist ideology has deepened even in Western countries through the radical members of Muslim communities. Iraq will remain their focus, as it is the best examples for them to show their followers to what extent American values don’t fit in what they consider an Islamic surrounding that should remain purely so without any foreign influence.

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