Space Tourist travel, a Waste of Money?

Space is considered in the USA and some other countries as the new frontiers. But space tourist travel is still very rare. There are now just three people. The latest is the Iranian first female paying space tourist, Anousheh Ansari. While it is impossible for many people to spend a holiday outside their countries or to travel by plane because of the high cost, there are rich people ready to spend in a single flight what forty thousand people spend in a year, considering their average income of $500 each if the flight cost amounts to US $20 million.

Space exploration itself is seen by many as a waste of money if it goes beyond the objective of improving the life of impoverished people on earth. More plans should be made to make Earth prosperous for ordinary people and not just to fill libraries with astonishing studies about the mystery of the universe while illiteracy is still plaguing the third world.

For Anousheh Ansari she deserves all praises. Her success in the flight can be another example to the frontiers women can cross to prove their unlimited abilities. But this shouldn’t distract us from the fact that the budget for space should be for necessity and not for extravagance.

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