Escalating Struggle between Fatah & Hamas

Hamas during its campaign that led it to form a government was selling dreams to its supporters. Now the majority of the population has wakened up to the fact they cannot live on slogans and fiery speeches from Hamas leaders. Hamas should be realistic about its approach to the Palestinian cause. Lip services from its supporters like Iran & Syria have led it nowhere. Battles between rival gangs of Fatah and Hamas will just worsen the situation.

Hamas and Fatah are ideologically opposed. The escalating violence is one consequence of this. The current power struggle can get out of control if the belligerent don’t succeed in finding a viable way-out. It’s these inherent differences that in part delayed the setup of the Palestinian state. The battle of interests will continue between them as long as Fattah is internationally recognised while Hamas put the Palestinian issue on a hot rock. The survival of the Palestinians is now linked to the fate of Hamas. As long as Hamas is internationally marginalised, the ordinary Palestinians will be more vocal against Hamas itself through direct clashes with it.

As the situation worsens, this will be advantageous to Israel by trying to weaken Hamas not just internationally but internally as well.

The Palestinians with a divided leadership will suffer most. Abbas Abu Mazzeen the leader of the Palestinian authorities can have diplomatic negotiations that aren’t translated into action. Hamas is having most of diplomatic doors shut at its nose. The needy poor Palestinians caught in the crossfire – literally and metaphorically – between Hamas and Fatah, Hamas and Israel can’t get the help they deserve pending on the continuation of Hamas in power.

National reconciliation is needed for the good of all to establish a state on firm grounds.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    October 6, 2006 at 12:22 pm

    I think Jack Straw is absolutely correct, and I along with many others are tired that sensitivity seems to be only exercised by one side. Many women like myself, who fought hard for equal rights did not fight for women to abuse that right to become non-people, to be erased from society and de-personalised and that is what the veil does. How can you participate equally when no-one can see you? It is insulting to our culture, and our culture and identity should matter and be protected. I am not against the jihab, but the veil is too far. It is an insult to the rest of the community, it sends out messages that says I am your moral superior and your men are not to be trusted…an anathema to our cultural values, which seem to be discounted so readily., It is sinister to be surrounded by these women, if anyone was to walk around with a balaclava on they would be seen as threatening, the veil has the same effect. If they want to live in the 11th century, they should do it elsewhere.

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