UN slaps sanctions on North Korea

N Korea must have been expecting sanctions over its claimed nuclear test as it has been receiving multiple warnings from USA and trading partners like China and Russia. North Korea will have little to lose as its people are accustomed to economic hardship. The NK leaders will feel at ease as they aren’t threatened by military actions which are opposed by Russia and China. The sanctions may make NK determined for further nuclear tests exploiting international divisions on how to deal with it.

NK is facing economic hardship and international isolation because of its nuclear tests. Its acquiring nuclear weapons will be dangerous for stability in Asia as it will use it to bully neighbouring countries like South Korea & Japan. As NK is starving for cash to oil its hard economy, it may use its nuclear technology to sell nuclear weapons to regimes ready to ally with it against US power, making world stability fragile. NK should be refrained from its nuclear ambitions by whatever means.

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