African Union, Unity & Discord

The African Union is a forum with too much rhetoric but little is put in practice. Many countries which are members of this union are at odd with one another with a history of accusing one another of instigating internal trouble like Sudan and Chad.
There are many potentially rich countries like DR Congo and Sudan but they are under abject poverty because of internal struggles.

The Dream of the African Union to make of African States united states is much more utopia than real as there are still despotic leaders like Mugabe of Zimbabwe or Kaddafi who keep sticking to power without giving their people the power to choose.

The African Union will have little chances to make African countries united as they have their particular alliances outside the African continent mainly with the EU and the USA.

The African Union will be a force when internal wars, dictatorship and corruption at the political and economic level become a matter of the past.

The case of the Darfur shows that AU can’t solve radical problems. Non African forces like the US and the EU still have their say in the shaping of events in Africa as African countries tacitly don’t want to have an African superpower like South Africa or Nigeria dictating to them what to do.

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