Iraq Failing Security Plan

The US looks stuck in Iraq as its different security measures – including the pursuit, rounding and killing of prominent insurgents like Al Zarqawi- failed to curb the daily violence.

For complete stability Iraqis need to reach national consensus on running Iraq at governmental levels, without the exclusion of any section.

Any Iraqi government will need to face the hard task of maintaining good relations with the US on one hand, and US opponent regimes in the region, namely Iran and Syria.

The US should use a new strategy for a smooth transfer of national security matters to the Iraqis who should agree on a system of government for durable internal stability and peaceful relations with neighbouring countries, especially Iran and Syria which are likely to exploit any weakness in the Iraqi leadership for their own advantage. Iran & Syria are unlikely to engage in curbing violence in Iraq under US occupation as any cooperation with the US will be viewed as yielding to its pressure.

When Iraq becomes internally stable with a credible government inside and outside the country, the US and the Iraqis themselves will have little need of Iran and Syria to stabilise the country. These countries can become good partners if they choose not to interfere with each other’s affair to form bilateral alliance to weaken one side to the advantage of the other.

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