World Top Ten Polluted Cities

From the top ten polluted cities in the world, it seems that pollution and economic deprivation goes hand in hand. What is striking is the polluted cities in India and China, two countries with a population exceeding one billion each. But sometimes ironically economic affluence causes more pollution through polluting consumptions like vehicles and plastic bags. In rich countries we can have apparently clean cities, but the air remains toxic due to polluting elements coming from economic activities that should be far from densely populated areas

When a city is teeming with a predominantly poor population that can hardly make both ends meet, environment concerns is given the lesser priority. Any piece of land is seen for lucrative buildings and not for creating a green space that can invigorate the lungs of the city.

Environmentally clean cities depends on good planning concerning population distribution, the adequate economic activities and above all civic sense that can make the task of the local and regional authorities easy.

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