Earth Future and Future Affluent Population

The worry about the future of the planet is more about the current threatening political differences between antagonist ideologies than the probability of its resources dwindling. A nuclear war at the global level can turn the whole earth into dust making life impossible for millions of years. An ecological disaster can be overcome by human efforts to end it and by letting nature do its repair work in the long or short run. Consumption can be regulated. If more and more people are persuaded to eat moderately and healthily and if they are persuaded to consume products that are environment friendly, the spectre of excessive consumption can be dealt with rationally.

Concerning the WWF’s Living Planet Report which depicts an apocalyptic view of the earth in 30 years time, it sounds more alarmist and prognostic than a no u-turn fact. In 2056, it still looks unlikely that all the earth population will reach the living standards in UK. The majority of third world countries are still struggling to provide just the basic needs for their populations, let alone luxury and excessive consumption.

The planet can be more at danger from systematic destruction of the environment to meet the needs of current rich countries whose lucrative businesses use the raw materials of poor countries, which in most cases yield to the fluctuations of the markets. Some poor countries should have their share of responsibility in wasting the earth resources by being tempted by the cash they get from greedy business that excessively exploit their natural and mineral resources for handy cash. Such countries, plagued with corruption and mismanagement, make a mess of the revenues they get.

The future of the planet is everybody’s responsibility, rich and poor. The earth can sustain larger population if its resources are managed wisely. We can preserve the earth resources making them enough for current and future populations when we can live up to the fact that the earth has enough for everyone’s need and not to everyone’s greed. Moderation and sustainable growth for the basics and not for extravagance are the key for maintaining a healthy life on earth where the fight should be for mutual care and assistance and not a race for superiority even at the level of appearance and possessions just to make your neighbour envious. Even the current population can turn the earth into a waste land if there is no sustainable preservation at all levels.

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