Face Transplant

Face transplant has moved from fiction – as it was seen in movies “Face/off” and “Mission Impossible” to a mission possible.

Face transplant should be seen as a new medical revolution although it is still at the pioneering stage. The first partial transplants in France and China have proved to be a success. Without the bold first surgeries which were started in the 20th centuries, medical care wouldn’t have reached its current development.
There have been transplants of arms as well as internal organs like hearts, so why shouldn’t be the same for faces.

The medical care of the human body still needs more research as there are still chronic diseases. But face transplant should be seen as another giant step in medicine. There should be no ethical concerns as long as there are acquiescent donors. The recipients will have a chance to have a normal life showing a normal face instead of masking their damaged one or living in hiding to avoid embarrassing stares and reactions.

After all face transplant isn’t as controversial as cloning as here we are dealing with a totally new person coming to the world with social and ethical implications. All the recipient needs is continuous and close medical check-up as well as psychological adjustment as it is like acquiring a new identity.

May be one day we may hear of head transplant. This sounds as a rare possibility but many aspects of science fiction years ago have become part of our daily life

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