Israel-Hezbullah War, Admission of War Geneva Conventions Violation

The full account of the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah will take time to unfold. Israel has for the first time admitted it used controversial phosphorus shells during fighting against Hezbollah in Lebanon in July and August. There are accusations that both warring parties used cluster bombs and other weapons in civilian areas contrary to Geneva conventions on war. The surviving victims are left to cope with their ordeal, especially the Lebanese who lost their loved ones and their homes.

This war showed its futility. It achieved little for both sides, except propaganda victory for Hezbollah and deep questioning for Israel army about its inability to have successful tactics to end Hezbollah as a military and political force in Lebanon.

It is for history that we should know the different military means and weapons used in this war by these sides and their origins. But on the ground, there should be a look-ahead how to make the whole region a place for peaceful living.

This war shouldn’t be used just as a commemoration for those who fell victims, but as an insight in how mutual hatred can lead to excessive measures in a world that gives importance to political calculations that make it just vocal without the long arms to change the course of events.

The war ended. It doesn’t make sense to cry over spilt milk when too much blood was spilt for differences that could have been settled diplomatically before and not after the event.

The hope is that the mess left in Lebanon, political and material will be cleared diplomatically while the country is being cleared from the rubbles resulting from the past confrontations and attacks as it should be cleared from the mines and cluster bombs still left as a booby traps.

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