Black Culture & Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Black culture has been the centre of debates because of its specificities. Black people through their history were subjected to slavery in different parts of the world, especially in the USA, the Middle East and Europe.

Although black slavery is a matter of the past as it officially ended more than a century ago, some black people still feel bitter about their past which left ,in many circles, negative legacies about them. In old literature and even sermons, they were portrayed in a negative way. Although officially it is prohibited to hold racist views about tem, socially there are still disparities between black people and white people in countries like the USA. This can in part have to do with prejudices and the unequal opportunities offered to each.

In South Africa, black people got free from apartheid only in the 90s. But the conditions in which they find themselves now must have disappointed them as the end of apartheid didn’t bring the general prosperity they were hoping for. It’s no wonder if social problems still persist in this country.

But black people have many role models if they want to move ahead. There are notable politicians like Nelson Mandela, notable musicians, sportsmen, especially in the world of football. They have all the assets to be the happiest in the world and to make the world happy. After all, the Nigerians are estimated to be the happiest in the world. They shrug at anything. Perhaps black people should shrug at what make them unhappy and move forward to have the place they deserve in their societies- be it that of their ancestors like Africa or in the USA where they constitute a substantial section.

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