PW Botha Dies After the Death of Aprtheid

The death of PW Botha will raise bitter memory among the black majority which was subjected to his repressive and racist rule. He will be remembered as having been intransigent about power sharing with black people whose prominent leaders like Nelson Mandela were kept in jail in defiance of public protests in SA and around the world.

He did little to foster racial co-existence in South Africa. It was after his demise of power in 1989 that internal and international pressure succeeded in making the white rulers practically face reality and allow black people to raise to powers after decades of subjugations.

With PW Botha’s death apartheid memories can be buried forever or his grave will be a permanent reminder of what black people went through. The same Robin Cook Island is a reminder of the place that bred the sparkles of résistance rather than muting it through the imprisonment of ANC leaders.

The whites and blacks can now join in holding hands together for a better future for their country. The whites in other words shouldn’t exploit his death to make of him a national hero so as not to open old wounds and worsen the current racial harmony.

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