Sentencing Saddam to Death

Saddam is an example of the dictators who so blinded by power and illusions that they consider it’s only them that matter. His death should be seen as justice rendered to his victims. Staying alive will make mockery of those who were hoping for justice after his oppressive rule which claimed so many lives through his armed incursions against his countrymen, especially the Kurds. He had no mercy for anyone opposed to him. His style of revenge was that of the Middle Ages. He can now come to realise that he who kills by the sword will be killed by the sword. That’s what he deserves for his inhuman acts.

Saddam’s death sentence put an end to the suspense about his final verdict. His case should be set an example to those leaders who make light of the life of anyone opposed to them and asking for democracy. The act must be courageous in that the court didn’t yield to the threats of his supporters which must have made Iraq look as if it is still indirectly ruled by him. This must come as a relief to his victims, to the families and friends of those who died because of his atrocities. After all it’s only his life that will be lost compared to the thousands murdered to keep himself in power

The death sentence for Saddam is likely to sparkle more violence in Iraq as his capture just fuelled more attacks by his supporters. In other words Saddam is likely to continue to influence events even from his grave – in case he is hanged – for sometime. But he will become a matter of the past like other dictators whose effect dwindles as time passes by.

But preparation for further violence should be seen as a price to carry out full justice for those who were victimised by him throughout his rule. The 148 Shiaas whose death he was accused of ordering are only a very small proportion of those who inhumanely died at the hand of his forces. He made of Iraq his own empire where he was seeking personal prestige at the expense of the welfare and the human rights of the majority of the Iraqis.

The Sunnis who support him are a minority in Iraq. By having their problems solved politically and economically they can adjust to the new reality of power in Iraq where during Saddam era they used to be favoured by him while the Shiaas and the Kurds were almost second-class citizens.

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