US Mid-term Elections as a Lesson for all

The US has been and still is a good model for democracy and power sharing for people aspiring for democracy despite the criticism it has been getting around the world because of, in principle, its dominance rightly or wrongly on the world stage.

The results of mid-term elections for a person living outside the USA is the logical outcome of regular polls prior to mid-term elections showing the downfall of Pt Bush popularity compared to his first years in office because among other things the situation in Iraq where the US troops started to be dealt blows by rising casualties for the first time since the end of the Vietnam War. Not to mention the moral scandals just before the elections concerning Foley and Ted Haggard sexual misconduct- although this may have a minor effect on the voters.

The fundamentals of US foreign policy are unlikely to change with a new majority in Congress as with the situation in the Middle East. The Americans had the chance through their voting power to forge a new landscape for the US where movers and shakers in fundamental policy will have to reshuffle their cards like the appointment of a new secretary of defence in replacement of Ronald Rumsfeld.

One conclusion, free vote is meant for the reinforcement the principle of check and balance. Maybe the Bush administration will be more tied in implementing its decisions because the Republicans lost their majority in the Congress. The question remains what fundamental changes are capable of bringing to satisfy those who helped them get their decisive victory?

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