Bush Lame Duck after Mid-term Elections

After the results of the 2006 mid-term elections Pt Bush looks a lame duck .
The remaining years in the White House will be a challenge for him to exercise his authority to have bills passed especially on issues about which he may differ with the Democrats. But as crucial bills need two third majority he will still have space to exercise his authority without being obliged to sign bills he doesn’t accept along with his Republican party. This means he won’t be easily overridden by the Congress.

The Republicans can sense loss of hope to maintain the presidency if the Democrats –now a majority in both houses – prove effective in drafting legislations they can use as winning cards in the coming presidential elections.

George Bush still has wide powers as invested in him by the constitution. But bills needing approval by the Congress will surely leave him no choice but to compromise with the Democrats. Constitutionally, he’s serving his last term. He can’t return to presidency. His concern must be to leave it with little damage for the political future of his party.

But in politics, every president wants to leave a legacy by which he can have a place in national history. George Bush presidency is marked up to now by the return of the US to open armed invasion after the Vietnam War and the continuous efforts to face the rise of terrorism. Pt Bush may be racing against time at least to help Iraq return to stability and return US troops. If he succeeds in doing so, he can give the Republicans a new hope to have convincing arguments in 2008, the year when presidential and congressional elections will be held.

After all, as Bush admitted, Iraq was the major cause of the Republicans losing control of the Congress. Iraq can once again lead the Republicans to stay in the White House if Bush through the new Defence Secretary succeeds in putting a plan for a phase withdrawals from Iraq or at least minimising the US casualties there which has reached an alarming rate, only preceded by the wars in Korea and Vietnam, which both claimed more than 90,000 soldiers.

Both Democrats now in a honeymoon about their victories and the Republicans made minor by the policies of their president have other issues other than Iraq not to disappoint those who voted for them. As for Bush, he can make thing return to normal after the exciting moments of result declarations. This can be done through bipartisan decision for the good of the nation and not just for the good of a party or a particular politician.

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