Failed Contraception Operation & Punishment

The case of doctor who carried out a failed contraceptive operation and has been ordered by a German court to pay financial support for the child seems rather strange. This maybe the first time a doctor being asked to “father” a child because of his professional mistake.

This is a reminder of a story in old Arabic literature which is as follows: a man and his wife on their way home were attacked by an Othman soldier (this when the Arab world was ruled by the Othman empire). He took their possessions and fell the wife to the ground. As a result she miscarried the six month foetus she was bearing. The aggrieved husband went to the judge Karrakash (known for his strange verdicts) to sue the soldier. He ruled that the soldier should return to the man his possessions. For the wife he should keep her and couldn’t return her to her husband until she is six months pregnant.

The case of the child shouldn’t be from the point of view of financial care. A child should first be loved before being provided with daily necessities like food, shelter and clothes.

But this doctor’s mistake seems minor. His was to give life. There are other doctors because of medical errors cause permanent handicaps and even death. In UK, a man lost his life because in hospital a surgentent removed from him the wrong kidney. Of course there are similar stories in thousands around the world.

For the mother she should consider the child as a blessing in disguise. Children are the joys of life. Her child is a fact. She should bear with it. If she can’t give it up, this means she should have motherly courage to nurture it and not to see it as intrusion in his life.

Our world is strange. Some are dying to have children, ready to adopt them even from foreign countries legally or illegally. Others are asking for justice because they got them.

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