Will Segolene Be the First Female French President?

It will be interesting for France to have a female president. This will reinforce its principles of equality. France’s defence minister is a woman. If Northern European countries have queens and female prime ministers why shouldn’t be so for France? Even some third world countries have female presidents like Liberia.

The French voters must give Segolene Royal a chance if she comes up with convincing programmes. France is in need of change. Segolene Royal if elected president can face the challenge if she has a strong team behind her. The socialists can find in her a plus to attract the voters disenchanted with the performance of the current government. Presidential elections in France will probably be as exciting as the last ones which finally saw Le Pen competing against Chirac.

Segolene Royal should be given a chance to be a president at least to shake up the political landscape and tackle current issues like immigration with a new spasm to make the French feel a real change for better.

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